The Business of Arts & Photography In 2015

Combine an addiction with darkness with an adoration of neon light, fear of studios, love of liquid and passion for graphical clear lines... and you get me. Aftering studying a Photography Degree in Cornwall it became clear i had neither the discipline nor the productivity to make a living from my art, so i pursued other careers. Meanwhile i've amassed a portfolio that i work on in my spare time, and sell prints to those who are interested. There's not much on here, mainly because alot of stuff is on neg and i don't have time to scan, and because i very quickly move on from old photos and grow tired of work i once adored. Use the navigation above to look around the images i've got up at the moment, and keep an eye out for a blog i'll be installing to encourage myself to show fresh work daily.

I welcome all interest in my images, feel free to email me with questions or requests, and take a good look through the gallery to see what images i have for offer. Everything is heavily watermarked, due to a personal excess of territorialism. I'm working on that. :P If you'd like to see an image without the watermark, just ask. I can provide copy prints or digital copies of any size you wish, framed or unframed.

I hope you like the stuff here, it was all created to my own very personal aesthetic taste, and i love every single piece. If an image doesn't make me want to jump inside and take huge gulps, i don't use it.

I started out painting and drawing in secondary school, with plenty of praise to spur me on. i tended to focus on patterns and macro details even then, and mostly was developing a very realist style. it fully took shape when the school visited an exhibition in london by the artists Chuck Close, a realist painter. i sat for hours sketching copies of his huge paintings in my tiny sketchbook, and when i got back to school all my subsequent projects were realist paintings of photographs i had taken.

When i decided to take my Foundation Art course (instead of a Psychology Degree) i had fully envisioned myself painting my way to an Art Degree. But at that point, free from secondary school values, i discovered that the photographs i was drawing from could stand as art in their own right. i also found that i had a niche in my sci-fi macro photos, i got a lot of attention at that stage and finished with a Distinction. The logical next step was a photography Degree, and Falmouth accepted me unconditionally.

My Degree was... difficult. In honest truth i don't think i'd take it back, despite the whining i tend to do about the last year particularly. I was unfortunate though, that Falmouth does not really support abstract work and demanded different material from me, and unfortunate also that i eventually caved in and gave them something i did not want to give. My second year work, free from intervention, was my finest. My final year work, once i caved to their demands, was my worst.

That i learnt a lot cannot be denied - some of it about flexibility, but most of it about the benefits of my natural stubborn nature, and about going with instinct. I should not have gotten sidelined by my tutors, and it won't happen again. Now, i create photography and painting purely for my own enjoyment, and what comes out of it commercially will be an added bonus.

I'm happily moving back to thoughts on realist painting, something i truly did enjoy way back at school. I'm also now giving thought to a new series of photographs (the murk series) to try and stretch myself, and see where i can go. Hopefully someday in the future i can get my work in some galleries in Devon, to get the word out and see if there is even casual interest. If not, i have a full time job and aspirations to move to norway to be with my friends, so i will certainly not be lost.